Monday, June 29, 2009

The Quiet Energy

There's a certain energy that everyone has, and now I believe for certain, there's a spark of 'life' energy that every living thing on Earth has, however that may be defined....even if it's merely defined as just being alive, the energy is there...and I felt it, in a very quiet but profound way last Monday...
My mom and I took a shuttle bus to Sequoia National Park, they encourage the use of these shuttle busses now, to minimize the smog and congestion that an endless stream of cars brings on just a two-lane road. When we got up there I was stunned...I remember coming up to the Sequoia groves as a kid, 'oh yeah, big trees, whatever'....

We went up to Moro Rock, "oooh I wanna climb it!" I felt like a kid again, since I hadn't been up there since 1968!
"okay, I'll wait for you here" my mom said, since she was in no mood to climb the 600 feet of granite staircase...but up I went, and almost as in an internal videotape, I remembered each step to the summit, but this time I was acutely aware of the dizzying drops to each side on the trail, but I told myself, "well, you haven't done anything this bold in a while, have you?"
After that we caught the shuttle to the Giant Forest, and the General Sherman Tree...
This time, whether it was from a certain wisdom that comes with age, I don't know....I was Awestruck!
Being among the Giant Sequoias is just as awesome as being in any cathedral that I had ever been in! Chartres, Notre Dame, forget about it!....Nothing ever built by Man can compare to the majesty of these trees. And they only exist in one place on the Earth, in small groves here in California.
I had forgotten how big and old these trees really were... A ranger/tour guide said, "This is the General Sherman Tree, it was a young sapling, about 30 feet tall when Jesus walked the Earth." And then while walking among them, I felt their sentient presence in their peaceful and silent groves, with all the history of wars won and lost, as humans have run to and fro over the ages.... here they still stand, with a certain powerful energy of their own, a life force only from which something that OLD can have...and I felt peaceful in their presence, as if they were smiling down in their old age and wisdom.

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