Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Night Sky

I've been wanting to post something like this for years, and the night sky down here compels me to do it, because it's so vivid...well on clear nights anyway. The nights here are sometimes extremely clear, and you can literally see a million stars, the Milky Way, shooting stars, and sometimes satellites move across at a steady pace. I always had a passing interest in astronomy, but some nights lately I find myself laying on the lawn and just looking up at the universe, and noticing the passing phases of the moon, and the planets, Mars is the red star in the south, Venus is the bright star at dusk, and a host of other observations that I don't recognize and best left to the serious astronomers...After reading the book 'Sarum', which is a book about the history of England, it describes the building of ancient mystery, built about five thousand years ago, by Neolithic people, neolithic meaning, new stone age!...but they must have known what they were doing, because the stones mark the sun's rise on June 21, the longest day of the year, by a distant stone whose shadow goes right through the center of stonehenge at sunrise, only on June 21...and this was five thousand years ago. How would ancient people know how to build such a thing?
And then I realized, of course they knew! how couldn't they? They had the stars at night, and the sun, and the moon...
Humans go back for thousands of years, as hunter-gatherers, the start of agriculture led to towns, towns led to cities and civilization...some say that Stonehenge was an agricultural tool, well, maybe so...but the manpower to build such a monolith way back then would require an organized effort...a society.
Way back then, I know there were smart smart as Einstien, Newton, Galileo, etc... but what they didn't have were clocks, computers, televisions...nothing to mark time. They only had the sky.... the stars, sun, and moon which rises and falls in their own eternal rhythm, that was their clock! and not just at Stonehenge, the Mayas did the same thing.
Some say that 'ancient astronauts' helped them....Aliens...the precise engineering at Maya Palenque and other sites around the world, the Plains of Nazca for example...
I am of two minds...One, there has been thousands of years of human history on this earth, and history tends to become buried if you weren't part of an empire that would record it...and Two, let's just say that what Neil Armstrong said was true, "Santa Claus Exists"....meaning he saw a's a game changer...a myth, who knows? I don't...all I know is, the stars up there maintain a clockwork that will never change...

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